How You can Prepare to Become a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

Becoming a teacher of English in a foreign country is a great goal to explore, especially if you want to travel and mingle with people in other cultures. In addition, you get the personal satisfaction of knowing you will help others learn English as a second language, thus possibly helping them raise the level of their economic status. How is the best way to prepare? Accreditation TEFL courses are the answer.

By going through this training, you can become proficient in teaching adults, teens and children the English language, which can help them better their lives. You will want to study correct grammatical rules and learn various teaching methods to adjust to the particular classes you might have. Many areas in different countries are looking for teachers to come help teach their students the English language. You have many choices as to where to go in the world. However, they don’t want just anyone. A certificate from a qualified and recognized TEFL organisation can help you get your foot in the door.

Where can you get this training? Do your homework. You can check online or check with a college or university in your area for suggestions. Costs can range anywhere from $190 to $2000. To receive an Accreditation TEFL certificate, the minimum number of course hours is 100 hours of academics plus 6 to 20 hours live practice. Live practice means teaching in an actual classroom situation. It could take you anywhere from 4 weeks (20 days) to about 2 to 3 months to complete the training if you can only do it part time.

If you go to all the work to become certified, it might be important to you to go through a course that offers lifetime job placement. Most of these accreditation TEFL courses should be able to put you in touch with other teachers who can give you helpful ideas for preparation, especially as it relates to the area where you are planning on going. You will need to get a VISA, update your vaccinations, and possibly get an international drivers license. Find out all you can on what type of clothing would be good to take, foods you might miss from home that you could take with you, teaching aids that would be easier to take from home such as video or audio equipment. And definitely, find a good guidebook or phrasebook for the major languages spoken where you are going.

The Risks of Being a Filipino Seafarer

The Philippines is known to comprise a huge percentage of seafarers working for different shipping companies around the world. Because of their inherent sea intuition, extensive offshore trainings and strong academic background, they have made a name for themselves and grew a niche in the industry.

Many young Filipinos aspire to be a seafarer because of the lucrative compensation, the chance to travel the world for free (well, almost) and the sense of adventure that it holds. But, despite these advantages, it also has its risks, especially in the case of Filipino seafarers. This article enumerates the different risks that Filipino seafarers are facing or are going to face.

Health Risks
In the Philippines, seafarers are known to have extra-marital affairs whenever they are on duty in another part of the world—the wives are always left hanging every time their husband leaves.

But more than that, there is a bigger risk for them because there is no stringent health care policy whenever they come back from work. At sea, they are at risk of contacting various health complications, especially sexually transmitted disease.

Danger at Sea
Of course, this is inevitable for any seafarer. The sea is a dangerous and wide world and anything can happen—from the course of Mother Nature to man-made conflicts. Typhoons and strong winds are natural and sometimes, boats are forced to hide in different locations just to be safe.

As for man-made conflicts, seafarers these days are also at risk of facing pirates! And according to veteran seafarers, often, they are forced to live in cramped conditions with coarse individuals (of course, of different nationalities) which they have deal with the entire time that they are on the trip.

Despite the dangers at sea, they have the proper education and remarkable offshore training that makes them equipped to face everyday life at sea.

Family Ties Are Broken
Because they are away for most of the time, there is a possibility that family ties break down because of no constant communication and distance. There are many stories of Filipino families suffering because their fathers are not home and their mothers are forced to tend to the children solo (and sometimes, unexpectedly, they find a lover). With the tremendous pressure to provide for their families (in the case of the father) and to keep the family all together (in the mother’s case), there are instances where they don’t meet in the middle anymore.

These are just three of the risks that Filipino seafarers have to face every day at sea; but in a more specific setting, everyone has their respective conflicts to solve every day; as is Physics, everything is relevant.

5 Reasons Why Abacus Training is good for your kids?

A Japanese invention, Abacus is a tool that computes and calculates. It is easy, efficient, and ancient. Abacus is the inspiration to world’s first pocket calculator.
Our ancestors were geniuses. They came up with an ingenious solution to complex arithmetic problems.
And….Abacus was born.
Mathematics is logic. Zero has logic, it means nothing. It is logic that defines the computing world today. 0 and 1 are the two awesome numbers.

Kids are vulnerable intellects. Their information processing and consumption powers are extra ordinary. Teach them well, they learn well. Some kids just simply can’t handle mathematics. Give them a maths papers and they experience panic attacks. “Me asthmatic” is the word for this phobia.
So, how do you help them combat ‘fear of mathematics’? Abacus Training is one possible option. Kids 50% Kids respond better to logic, when they attend abacus training. It activates their right brain activity.
Your kid is a genius, give him intellectual grooming. Here are 5 reasons why abacus training is good for your kid.

Numbers logic:

Is gene solely responsible for intelligence? No. Environment matters too. Give the brain right nutrition, it will be healthy. A fully developed brain finds it difficult to grasp things immediately. It loses its focus because of external elements.

Abacus training sharpens your child’s memory and helps establish a logical mind. It’s all about speed, isn’t it? A dumb mind does no good. The numbering logic reflexes of your child improve with training.

Helps in School work:

What if you have a brilliant child and he loses focus quite often. Paying attention is a problem for your kid. 75% kids often do not pay attention in the classrooms.
For example, counting on fingers is the basic mathematical lesson for a kid. It supports numerical relationships till number 10 and lacks countable objects. Abacus, a bead-based system offers better numeric relationships, helping kids understand the concepts of mathematics and relate to number values.
It is the mental picture training that helps your kid focus better in classroom. Abacus training enhances listening skill of a student.

Easy to Learn:

It is no shortcut to mathematical relationships. It is simple and easy. Here’s a list of learning ways:’

Sing and learn: Memorize the finger rules by singing. Put the rules instead of the lyrics and your job is done.

Learn by playing: Games are designed specifically for Abacus training. It makes it easier for the kids to learn the fun way.

Enhances Real-time problem solving skills:

Real-time situations are daunting at times. You don’t really want your kid to go blank, if there is a tricky situation, do you? Abacus training enhances the response time of a child by 45%.

Improves confidence:

The dish tastes good, if all the ingredients are right. A confident child learns, unlearns and then learns the concept of mathematics in the training.

If you are looking for Abacus training classes for kid, browse through the internet. For example, if you live in Delhi, just type in this phrase “Abacus Training classes in Delhi” and visit the websites. Choose the best.

Reading Tutor At Home Tips To Hiring The Right Guy

Kids grow up so soon these days. One day they are crawling out of the crib and the next thing you know, they are ready for starting their education. However much fun it may be to attend school, there will be many challenges that your child will have to face along the way. It all starts with creating the foundation upon which your child will later learn the intricacies of the world around him. The first few years in school generally set the base upon which your kid will begin comprehending the education being imparted to him/her. This, therefore is the most important time of his/her life.

One of the first lessons that a child is taught in these nascent years of his/her education is reading comprehension. To help your kid get a better hang of things, you can always hire a reading tutor who will give the extra attention that your child needs for grasping the concept. But finding the right person for the job isn’t easy. And even if you do find someone good enough, you will not want to get into a deal that isn’t worthy of the services being offered. Here are a few tips to help you hire the best reading tutor for your child.

• Look for recommendations. Word of mouth is the most trustworthy source of credible options to choose, no matter what it is you are looking for. Concerned parents will always offer you some great advice as to which tutor can help your child with his reading comprehension. Plus, if they have had any bad experiences with someone, you will be warned beforehand.
• Consult your child’s teachers at school. Being from the same industry, they will be able to offer you some good recommendations. Plus they are in constant touch with your child and therefore understand what his/her needs are. You can trust them to point you in the right direction.
• Many schools teachers also offer the services of reading tutorship for their students. Check if anyone in your child’s schools will provide some home-schooling to your child. You wouldn’t have to look too far!
• When getting into a contract with the tutor, don’t end up paying for long term services. Pay as you go and keep the option of cancelling the employment open. You do not want to be stuck with the wrong guy.
• Look for exclusivity. Generally reading tutors will offer their services to a number of students, sometimes together in a classroom environment and sometimes by providing home lessons. Exclusive tutoring of your child will provide him with the personal attention he/she was missing out on in his school.
• Ask if the tutor will be giving homework to your child. This will help you get involved in the tutoring process, keep an eye on your child’s progress and work with him/her towards better reading comprehension.