A College Course is the Foundation for Promising Careers

With four main campuses, eight different schools, and more than 200 programs, Centennial College is the mainstay of the career path of many professionals. With studies catering to everyone from high school graduates to Second Career students, Centennial has a diverse offering. Each college course is designed to teach essential employability skills, ensuring relevance in the program’s curriculum and in the student’s educational experience as a whole.

Centennial welcomes students of all levels, and has created different courses to help them achieve sustainable careers. Listed below are the different forms of schooling it offers:

Dual Credit Courses
High school students can get a head start at college while completing their secondary diploma. Centennial offers college-level courses to these students that will lead to credits towards their high school and college diplomas. The list of courses include: Principles of Psychology, Network Technologies, and Dynamics of Global Tourism. Some classes take place at one of Centennial’s campuses, while others are held at the student’s high school. This is a good way of earning two credits and exploring college life for these young adults.

College and University Preparation
Before enrolling in a college or university program, some students may choose to earn some college credits and complete postsecondary-level courses, which will prepare them for their target programs. Centennial offers preparatory classes in business, hospitality, technology, and health and community areas, where students enroll in these foundation programs to learn more advance concepts before diving into the actual diploma and degree programs. Students graduate with an Ontario College Certificate, credits towards postsecondary programs, and the essential knowledge and skills for a specific area, which can be applied to a broad list of programs within that area.

Distance Learning Courses
College courses are not only for high school and college beginners. Industry professionals, retired workers, and even some college students, opt for a non-traditional college studies through distance learning. This off-campus method of learning presents flexibility of time and place, in which many busy individuals prefer so they can complete other commitments, such as work and family life. There are a wide array of courses offered through distance learning, including those in business, technology, and health studies.

Centennial College offers individual courses and blocks of courses as a way to help students accomplish their ultimate goals, which are to obtain a postsecondary education and a promising career. Here are some key points that enhance college education:

Many courses at Centennial are transferrable to other program credits, which will help ease the transition when students choose to switch or advance to another field of studies.
Centennial is partnered with universities to offer joint programs, so Centennial course credits are recognized by other institutions, resulting in time saved from retaking similar courses.
Through the vast offering of Second Career courses, Centennial partnered with other colleges, opening new possibilities for its students to translate course credits to other educational and career opportunities.
Education leads to a great chance of success in careers and it all starts in the beginning with a course that teaches students about the principles and theories, which they will build upon and apply in real life. Centennial College is a good support system for college beginners and college graduates alike, with preparatory courses and distance learning courses that will serve as foundations for an exciting career.